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Inflatable Sheds
For Lease.

Short delivery and assembly time.

Highly customizable and ready to assemble.


Enable logistical solutions or civil works in the face of bad weather (wind, rain, intense sun, snow, lightning, hail, sandstorm, etc.).


Sale, rent or operating lease agreement.


Through high speed doors or antechambers, for tractors, trucks, machines, etc.


THE  Pistelli Engenharia Inflatable shed can be mounted on sandy, clayey, asphalt, concrete or flooded soil.


Inflatables offer free spans and significantly large areas.


Night work possible if provided with LED luminaires fixed to the roof itself.


The Inflatable shed is made of flexible composite of fiberglass fabric or high strength polyester and HTPES, HDPE, LDPE and PVC film. Translucent bands permeate daylight and block 100% UV rays.

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Pistelli Engenharia Inflatable Sheds Gallery
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