Pistelli Pelz Videos

Through the Pistelli Pelz videos you will be able to learn about roofing solutions adapted to the ground, the environment, the weather and with modular resources. Operations running 24 hours a day. Environment preserved.

Logistic solutions of adequate proportions to the client's needs. Modular and customized. Temporary or permanent.

Historical Videos Pistelli Pelz

Discover the 40+ year history of Pistelli Pelz through this collection of historical videos.

Historical Video. Discover the history of more than 40 years of Pistelli Pelz

Historical Video. With narration in English.

Historical Video. Sports. Without audio.

Historical Video. Version two. Without audio.

Historical Video. events. Without audio.

International presentation. Voice-over in SPANISH.

International presentation. Voice-over in GERMAN

International presentation. Voiceover in FRENCH.

International presentation. Voiceover in ENGLISH.

International presentation. PORTUGAL.